About the Platform


A team of highly experienced traders came together and agreed that trading was a promising venture yet many people knew very little about it. From their experience, they had spent many days trying to learn everything they could about crypto trading and the trading platforms they visited didn’t offer much help.

Once these individuals learned that something was missing from the most online trading platforms they were frequenting, they took it upon themselves to create a platform that would help their fellow traders understand what trading entails, and access live trading markets all under one roof.

The Limmercoin Mission

The team behind Limmercoin was keen on having a trading platform that was accessible and user-friendly for everyone, including anyone who had never done trading before. It, therefore, meant having the developers design a platform that was as clean as possible. To avoid information overload, they came up with a platform that is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate.

The team succeeded in their mission since they got a platform that only features the bare basics. Each feature found on the platform is essential and hand-picked to help traders have a seamless trading experience.

Limmercoin Team’s Vision and Ambitions

The team behind this trading platform aims to provide traders with an effective trading platform that they can learn from and proceed to learn. Their ambition is to help traders navigate the world of trading with ease. With all the resources they have provided, and a neat trading platform, traders get the best experience from this trading platform. In a way, the team continues to realize its vision and fulfill its ambitions.