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A Brief History of Bitcoin

Contrary to many people’s assumptions, Bitcoin did not start existing in 2017. However, this is when the Bitcoin boom took place. The cryptocurrency had however been in existence ever since 2009. Back then the new technology of cryptocurrency was fascinating and not many people had started trading in it yet.

As years went by, even those who were skeptical of this new technology began embracing it. More people started trading in crypto, and in 2017, the boom happened. By then, many trading platforms had started cropping up online.

When the Bitcoin boom happened, the price of the coin escalated bringing about an out-of-control effect. More people wanted to get a piece of this lucrative crypto. Also due to the popularity of the coin, even the mainstream media started giving attention to it and reported about the same. That led to even more traders heading online to start trading with Bitcoin.

As Bitcoin continues to grow in popularity and recover its high value, it has proven to be a stable trading venture for both new and experienced traders. Even the 2020 pandemic didn’t shake this crypto. It has remained one of the trading ventures with the swiftest recovery rates after the pandemic. As Bitcoin continues to gain popularity, more traders are venturing into trading it.

What is Limmercoin?

Limmercoin is among the latest and more sophisticated trading platforms for Bitcoin traders. Its main focus is helping traders keep up with the Bitcoin boom that is being experienced worldwide. The platform connects traders with broker partners who teach them about trading, including its risks and complexities.

Limmercoin assists both new and experienced traders to get started on their trading journey with ease. It has composed a library of trading resources that its traders can access easily to learn more about trading. With the ongoing stiff competition among trading platforms, this one has found a way of standing out from the multitude. They have come up with a free demo account, and those who wish to start live trading can do so with a small deposit.

For those who have experience trading, Limmercoin offers them training materials that include the latest trading strategies, how to navigate the highly volatile trading world, and much more. With the use of such resources, even those traders who feel rusty can get started again with ease.

Since this platform only deals with Bitcoin trading, it has everything one needs to understand about this crypto before signing up. The team behind this platform understands that crypto goes beyond technology. They view it as a movement that requires elegant, simple, and secure ways for traders to get started on their trading journeys. To help traders with that, they provide all the required features so that they understand what they are getting themselves into.

Features to Look for in a Trading Platform


Exceptional Security

When it comes to crypto trading platforms, traders should not compromise on security. They need to ensure that their personal information and funds are protected and safe all the time. A reputable platform needs to put measures in place to ensure that its traders’ financial and personal information cannot be accessed by unauthorized third parties. With hackers all over, one can never be too safe.

Friendly User Interface

Whether one is new to crypto trading or not, looking at a trading platform’s user interface is paramount. The platform should come with a novice-friendly interface. Besides the candlestick charts that display the rate hike for a given time, the platform should also have other functionalities, including:

01. Order cancellation and creation
02. Market surveillance
03. Trader’s order history
04. Money withdrawal functionality, among others


Another important quality/feature of a good trading platform is reliability. That means a platform should provide traders with uninterrupted services at all times regardless of the amount of traffic at any given time. If a platform can handle a huge traffic or volume of traders without hanging, it’s therefore reliable.

Efficiency at its Finest

Besides reliability, a good crypto trading platform needs to be efficient. No trader wants to trade on a slow platform. Crypto trading is highly risky and volatile, and prices can shift in minutes. That is why such a platform needs to be efficient. It has to load fast so that traders can easily place their trading orders fast. Also, they should be in a position to get results fast.

Exceptional Customer Support

Crypto trading platforms are not known for offering traders the best customer support services. That is why the best platform is the one that offers traders customer support. No trader wants to imagine things going wrong and they don’t have anyone to help them.

Some of the best trading platforms provide traders with partnered brokers. These brokers get in touch with the traders to help them get acquainted with how the platform works and guide them along the way.

Why Consider Limmercoin?

New traders find it a challenge to get started with their trading journey, especially with the internet booming with numerous trading platforms. However, here are some reasons to help them choose Limmercoin.

A Trading Platform Built by Traders

A Trading Platform Built by Traders

Unlike other trading platforms that are designed by developers who only research trading and come up with the perfect code, Limmercoin was built by traders for traders.

The team behind Limmercoin is passionate about trading. They are among the early Bitcoin traders, who have experienced all the good and the bad of this industry. They came up with a comprehensive platform that is designed to help traders feel at ease when trading.

They made sure that was possible by designing a safe, secure, and up-to-date platform that not only offers trading options but also learning materials for those who are new to the industry. Since they have gone through it all, the team of highly-skilled traders removed the guesswork to ensure that other traders don’t have to go through a tough time trying to learn about crypto trading.

Enjoy a Demo Account

Enjoy a Demo Account

Crypto trading can be complicated, especially for those with no trading knowledge and skills. Also, it’s a highly risky venture due to its high volatility nature.

To help traders get started with less stress, Limmercoin offers them a demo account. Here, they can practice trading for free. Although they will not do any actual trades, it’s a great way for traders to learn the basics of trading. It also helps them decide whether they are willing to proceed with live trading.

Specialized Platform

Specialized Platform

With many trading platforms, traders have to choose from a list of multiple cryptocurrencies. This can prove challenging, especially for those new to trading. Learning about multiple coins can be time-confusing, not to mention confusing. To eliminate the confusion, Limmercoin chose to go with one coin: Bitcoin.

That way, traders can use the provided learning resources on the platform and decide whether they are ready to start trading within the shortest time possible.

Trading Opportunities

Trading Opportunities

For those who are willing to take risk and start live trading, logging in to their accounts is the first step. Once they are in, they need to use all the resources provided and ask their partnered broker to explain how the platform works if they are not sure.

Limmercoin offers them trading opportunities that they can consider.

How to Start Trading with Limmercoin

Limmercoin was designed with the traders’ needs in mind. Getting started only takes a few minutes. Here are the steps traders need to take to get started on the platform.

Signing Up

Once the traders visit Limmercoin, they can easily get started by signing up. To do so, they need to fill out a registration form. The required information includes their names, email addresses, and phone number. The importance of providing their phone number is that Limmercoin a partnered broker will use it to call them. The broker walks with the traders to teach them how to use the platform, learn how it works, and ask any questions that they might have. Once the traders have provided the required information for signing up, they need to confirm that they agree with the platform’s policy and terms of service. Only then can they proceed to the next step.

Account Verification

The next step involves verifying a trader’s identity. The Limmercoin team sends those who have registered an email with a verification link. Clicking on the link redirects the trader to the broker's page, where they can use the same details, they provided when signing up to log in to their accounts.

Funding the Account

On the broker's page, those who wish to proceed to live trading need to fund their accounts. Making the initial deposit activates their accounts and from there, they can start trading if they wish to do so.

Talk to the Partnered Broker and Begin Trading

Once traders have funded their accounts, they receive a call from their partner broker. They can discuss how the platform works, and what they can expect from crypto trading. The broker can explain all the risks involved in this venture and if the traders are still willing to continue, they start trading on the platform.

Practice and Learn All about Trading

At this stage, traders can take advantage of their partnered brokers to learn everything about trading and keep practicing. They can help get started by discussing what they are comfortable with. Additionally, this is where traders get to make use of all the training materials, including explainer videos, FAQs, and any other provided learning resource.

All these resources can help traders learn about trading techniques, strategies, and how to read the charts. They can take advantage of the demo option and use it to practice trading. That way, they can learn the ins and outs of trading. After absorbing all the knowledge offered to them freely, they can then get started with their trading journey with some level of confidence.

Analyzing Assets and Trading

Once traders are familiar with what trading entails, the next step is analyzing the available assets and possibly starting trading. That means diving into the world of live markets. However, they need to remember that unlike with the demo account, live trading comes with extra elements that they need to understand first. They need to take it slow, learn about the risks and avoid going in too hard.

Since crypto trading is highly risky, and the markets are very volatile, taking it slow at first is advisable. Making use of their partnered broker will come in handy at this point. They can ask all the questions they have and absorb all the helpful information they get to help them with their trading journey

Limmercoin FAQs

What Does One Need to Start Bitcoin Trading?

New traders need to have a few things in place before they can start trading. Among the things they need to start trading in Bitcoin include a crypto exchange account, a secure internet connection, identification documents, an exchange account, and a payment method. Once all these things are in place, they can proceed to start trading.

How Does a Crypto Market Work?

The crypto market comprises a decentralized online currency network. It, therefore, works through a peer-to-peer transaction check instead of using a central server. Once people trade cryptocurrencies, their transactions get added to the blockchain.

Is the Future of Crypto Bright?

Currently, it’s not possible to predict the future of crypto. However, there are many possibilities that crypto such as Bitcoin will revolutionize the future of technological advancements and financial services. Today, many traders continue to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Also, as the development of decentralized financial services continues to improve, there is a huge influence on the cryptocurrency market.

Can Traders Trust Bitcoin?

Bitcoin operates through three principles that offer technological freedom; open-source code, decentralization, and peer-to-peer technology. Its trust is based on numbers, encryption, and subjective valuation. With these three principles in place, Bitcoin’s blockchain is considered to be a system of integrity.

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